It’s our thing. We know our way around images!

Whether you need one image, an entire image editing team, are searching for a creative highlight or a low priced microstock motif, we are happy to draw on all our experience to support you! We can help! Whether over the phone, in greater detail at an in-house training course on image acquisition or with our cumulative know-how including a specialist media lawyer at our image rights seminars on tour.



We know all there is to know about it! We know exactly which licence is appropriate for which image and use. And, in particular, how to play it safe, as the terms and conditions tend to differ widely between photo agencies, so that different requirements exist regarding licensing. But who wants to read pages of documents. Especially for large projects it is good for us to be involved from the start so that the search for images takes place at the "right" photo agencies.

Image research

We predominantly search for motifs from the "usual" areas for our customers, including business, lifestyle, and the spa and over-50's industries, to find good image material for journals, adverts, customer magazines, catalogues or brochures. We sometimes also cover specialised topics such as pharmacueticals or mechanical engineering. We are happy to provide support in challenging creative research, whether this is for a creative highlight, innovative imagery for a concept or unique campaign motifs.

Picture editing

We are fundamentally a picture editing department, but we have a large number of different customers and we have our own premises. Everything else is the same: we take over everything, from the image research to the calculation and purchasing. And all free of charge! We also know exactly which photo agencies offer the most and more importantly the right image material on which topics. Regardless of whether it is only for one image or a comprehensive major project; we are flexible and can work for you individually or as a team.

Project calculation

Strandperle will help you save. We are completely independent and make our purchases from different photo agencies. But only ever where we can also buy directly from the "originator" and can avoid unnecessary retail margins for intermediaries. Regardless of the number of images, we always look for the most cost-effective source on behalf of the customer. And last but not least, every quote also includes a Perle percentage discount that depends on the number of images. Everything else is negotiated individually.

Image database

More and more companies are having to deal with an increasing number of images. But how can this be managed? This is an issue that Strandperle has been focussed on for a long time, as much of it has to do with our everyday business. It includes tagging so that a stored motif can be quickly found in the data jungle. But, together with our software partners, we can also provide extensive know-how in the case of complex image database structures, especially due to our own comprehensive experience in handling millions of images.