Seminars and clarification of rights! Do you have more questions?

We can help! Whether over the phone, in greater detail at an in-house training course on image acquisition or with our cumulative know-how including a specialist media lawyer at our image rights seminars on tour.

It is not always easy to obtain a clear overview of terms and conditions and licensing agreements in the jungle of image rights. What makes it even more difficult is that a number of photo agencies and licensing methods also have varying clauses that need to be considered. Don't worry, let us do the work while you keep your mind free to focus on your everyday business, or, if you would like to know more about image aquisition, on one of our seminars.


Clarification of rights

Are you uncertain whether you can use the motif you have found for the project without hesitation? There's no model or property release? And what does multi-user license mean in the terms and conditions? Just give us a call, our service team has a vast amount of experience and can generally already provide support over the phone. And if not, we will look to clarify everything for you with the photo agency or the photographer; all free of charge, of course. A lawyer only needs to be called in for delicate cases or extremely complex legal issues. But we are also happy to help in these situations.

Image rights seminars

We have been on tour for many years, with our popular image rights seminars with a specialist lawyer and our compact "The basics of image acquisition". The half-day seminar focuses on image copyrights as well as the personal rights, trademark rights and design rights. Both interesting and practical, these rights are explained based on a number of examples and cases. Comprehensive responses are also provided to the normally large number of participant questions. The seminar lasts for four hours with a small break. Find out more here. You can find out more about the upcoming dates and cities from us.

In-house workshops

Everything you need to know about the ins and outs of image acquisition is included in our in-house workshop onsite wherever you are. "The basics of image acquisition" provides information on the fundamentals in preventing costs and errors when handling images on a daily basis. Which images are best suited for which projects? What is generally included in the terms and conditions of microstock agencies? What do you need to look out for when using images in the field of social media? The answers to these questions and more are provided in our one-hour Strandperle seminar. One call is enough if you are interested!