The permanent special offer for you: our Perle percentage discount

Strandperle helps you save time, thanks to our free research service, as well as money when making a purchase.

We generally pass on the original price indicated by the photo agencies. But – and now comes the twofold but: first of all we can offer some collections at more competitive prices, as we do not offer additional "external brands" like some photo agencies, where a profit margin is generally attached. We always buy directly from "original suppliers" in order to guarantee the best prices. And secondly, we offer an additional Perle percentage discount of at least 5 percent on every image purchase, which means: the best case scenario is that you save twice.

We naturally also pass on any "discount measures" provided by our photo agency partners. Whether 3 CDs for the price of 2 or hefty percentage discounts on certain collections. In the future all these promotions will be located under this heading.