Travel planning: holiday stress for Strandperle!

Our adrenaline increases in places where others are relaxing in the sun. Our long-term customer from the tourist sector once again requires our active support: 6 continents, 10 catalogues, 100 plus destinations and over 500 motifs. Which means: setting up over 150 light boxes with more than 10,000 alternative images within three months. A hectic pace and lots of stress – but also a great deal of fun and wanderlust. Who else gets to think about holidays for so long?



Take-off: the customer likes portraits!

Ready for take-off: countless high-quality portraits of people from different cultures are required, especially for the catalogue cover page. But: can Central Europeans see the difference between an Indian and a Pakistani? But that's not all: the research trip moves to numerous destinations and their places of interest. Which photo agency has the best motifs on Machu Picchu in Peru? And: large illustrations of the service philosophy in the hotels or on board; here everything must be absolute luxury! But: not too expensive please, a mixed calculation of attractive RM and RF motifs and more cost-effective microstocks is the strategy of choice!


Arrival: The result lands in the printer!

Instead of sunburn it's only the eyes of the Strandperle team that are red. After a long trip through several special travel photo agencies and established photo agencies covering topics such as service, the spa industry or lifestyle as well as "cost-effective image providers" such as iStock or Fotolia, the end is near: now the high-resolution data of over 500 images is sent to the project pilots, followed by the final correction phase before 10 high-quality travel catalogues land in the printer. And later, thousands of customers will peruse the images and look forward to the best time of the year!