Strandperle Ahoy!

Aboard Strandperle we know absolutely everything about images. We have accumulated our knowledge from over 70 years in the image sector, through activities in various image or advertising agencies. Over the years we have witnessed exciting developments, from the slide to digital photos, first hand. Up to the present day, when vast amounts of images can be easily downloaded via the internet. You can find over 6 million images from countless photo agencies on our homepage. When choosing the collections we focus on quality and creativity, while European imagery also plays a key role. As we ourselves are not a photo agency, meaning we don't produce our own images, we are completely free to act on behalf of our customers. We are a pure service provider. Or you could also say: your first port of call for everything to do with images.

Full steam ahead!

And to make sure that you have a clear head for important things at work, we maintain an overview of the entire image data jungle, including which images are provided by which photo agencies as well as the quality and price. To make sure that you always receive the perfect motifs for your projects. We are here for you every day from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., whether by email or phone. We are also happy to provide support with free and extensive research, clear calculations or intensive consulting on image acquisition and rights. The complete service on everything to do with images, from a single source. Just let us know what you need and we will get onto it!

The crew!

Sought- after; found here. A professional eye for special images:

Miriam Callesen

Carola Moczala

Mareke Dohmes

Gunnar Lieb